Feminist Lens #7

Although hidden behind a thick layer of ironic comedy, Ali Wong makes some strong allusions to the double standards revolving around women and Asian American women especially. From being fetishized to underappreciated, the ridiculous nature of the repetitive struggles is brought to light through humorous anecdotes. At one point she mentions that everyone always praises men for doing the minimum effort saying “that is amazing that he comes with you to every pregnancy check-up appointment”! She points out, however, that the only effort he is putting in is playing phone games whiles she’s being examined, having her blood drawn, and told which different vitamins to take.  Of course, the gravity of the situation is a bit exaggerated but the point is made clear- there is a clear double standard here!


At the same time, she jokingly blames feminists for taking women out of the comfort of their homes saying “You don’t have to prove we can do everything. It was a secret!” I love this parallel universe were women for so long were simply pretending to be incapable in the eyes of men so that they didn’t have to be responsible for everything. Of course in an ideal sense, some people might argue that they would enjoy less responsibility but, actually we know through research on sociology, people prefer more responsibility rather than feeling stagnant or bored. Furthermore, did not have free leisure time to spend in their homes and their neighborhoods. Often times their autonomy was taken away and they had no rights against abusive husbands.


The underlying joke of the whole comedy special (besides the fact that she is pregnant) is that although she had argued that she never wanted to work and that’s why she married a Harvard graduate, but actually she is paying for their new home with the money she earned from her TV specials. I think it makes people think about wants and expectations clashing with reality but making the most of situations when possible. To have a different pie- you’ve got to make it… no funny business!