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Lanyu (Orchid Island), Taiwan.

Lanyu is a small island, about 45km², to the southeast of Taitung. It’s a choppy, four-hour boat ride away. It’s not luxurious living. The terrain is rugged and, at first, the island feels dark and mysterious. It is Orchid Island – one of the most breathtaking displays of untouched aboriginal life that this author has ever seen.

from Things to Do and See on Lanyu, the Orchid Island written for Taiwan Savvy.


Weekend. The word is a breath you can feel stretch your lungs with crisp Autumn air. Weekend has the weight of two days, or two nights, or two late-rise mornings. Weekend is people crawling out of routine cocoons and emerging as butterfly tramp-stamps. Weekend is a good beginning to a friday-night conversation. “What are you two doing tomorrow?”

Weekend, para. 1. An amateur’s creative writing. Weekend