Feminist Lens #5

Starting a movement means paying attention to the details- it’s essential when you want to send the strongest and challenging message possible. Its understandable that our responsibility is to make sure that we are all working towards the best goals, however, I feel that, sometimes, the discourse deters from the real issues that need to be addressed and focuses attention on distracting critiques of the details.


I decided to talk about this aspect of the feminist discourse when I found myself listening to a conversation among my roommates that seemed to correct everything that the third girl wasn’t present to listen to. I feel sometimes (and this may totally be due in part to a lack of understanding) that we often do this to many organizations; we criticize through thorough analysis but often don’t provide an alternative method or solution. What would happen if we were able to take our research a step further and offer solutions that organizations can attempt to consider improvements. Perhaps this is already happening, in which case, I hope it is helping.


An article like “Feminism is Female Self-Destruction” from AmeriKa.org  is indicative of only a small slice of the incredibly inaccurate and offensive critiques from those people who continue to be misinformed. Therefore, isn’t it our responsibility to demonstrate our solidarity and our sisterhood especially in the face of ignorance? Who knows? Maybe improvements from within by some experts may be beneficial. On the other hand, perhaps failing to point out these flaws in organizations and movements even just in reports would be detrimental in the long run to the bigger picture?


The irony of this line of questioning is that it exemplifies my point exactly. Here I am, writing a blog post about how I think the feminist discourse should improve by spending less time on criticism… The best solution I can muster up is to create a network of researchers that offer solutions, improvements, and possible outcomes as a resource for any organization with honest intentions to be able to make the best impact possible.

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